Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Stitch Fix for Nov 2016: Athleisure! out of my comfort zone and into The COMFORT Zone.

Stitch Fix Review for November 2016:

This month (and next few months) I'm feeling lazy! Now, I don't want to LOOK lazy though. I told my stylist I wanted to try out the Athleisure trend. Like cozy but sporty but fashionable but comfortable? It looks really comfortable in the photos on Pinterest. Great for holiday lounging and eating, hehehe. I pinned some very sporty outfits making sure to leave out the velour tracksuits but those will probably be making their comeback in a few years. Stuff always comes back... ugh
Here's my unboxing video: 

Here are the 5 items they sent:


Evie Draw String Funnel Neck Sweatshirt  $64.00

This is a nice lightweight sweater, ...sweatshirt? I has an open knit kind of texture that breathes which is great for layering or for those Fall days with cool mornings but warmer afternoons. I looks like a hoodie but it's a funnel neck. I'm not sure what purpose the drawstring serves except for design/decoration? This top is like a space dye navy but kind of looks gray from a distance. I hear this also comes in a coral, gray and green.


Garland Floral Print Infinity Scarf  $28.00

I'm not usually drawn to florals like this scarf. I do like the darker Fall color tones and I could see myself wearing it with jeans or whatever. I'm mostly caught up on the bulkiness. It's a lot of fabric and I wish it were a standard long scarf instead of infinity style. Sadly probably sending this back and making a note in my profile to send the traditional style scarves. If you live in a cooler climate area with the need to bundle, this is a really pretty and very soft scarf.

Market & Spruce

Careen V-Neck Dolman Knit Top $48.00

This top looks quite familiar. It resembles the Corinna dolman except for the vneck. I actually have several gray heathered vneck tops already :( This is a really soft and stretchy top with a loose body but fitted 3/4 sleeve arms. I recommend it. The stylist note told me to pair it with the joggers (scroll below for details on those). I'm not sure about these two gray stripey pieces being worn together... What do you think?


Supply & Demand

Chanandler Jacket $68.00

I was so surprised to pull this out of my box. So much coolness! I feel fashionable and comfy in it. It's lined with the satiny fabric on the inside as well as a thicker satiny polyester fabric on outside. It's like a bomber style jacket, right? I've always seen these in the thick puffy variety. I'm pretty sure I had one in the 90s. This one however, is so light! Close fit style and pockets. So on-trend Stitch Fix! Bravo. I paired it with some basic black ankle pants and gray tank for a casual monochromatic outfit look.


Ink Love & Peace

Hailey Pipe Detail Drawstring Jogger Pant $68.00

So... Jogger. Is this just a different term for sweatpants? These look a lot like sweatpants. I asked for joggers. I looked up joggers. These are them. I was conflicted though. Sweatpants from Stitch Fix? Fancy sweatpants? Honestly I'm afraid I'd just wear them to bed they were so comfortable. But too expensive to wear to bed! The stripe down the side makes them a tad too sporty for looking like I DID get dressed in regular clothes not gym clothes. It looks good in the photo though, no? I tried some flats instead of sneakers to give it more of a city-street look and less activewear look. For the price, I think I will keep looking for more fashion-oriented jogger pants. I'm glad they sent them though. I would not have just pulled myself to a store to try on joggers, wondering how to style them. That is one of the beauties of Stitch Fix. Getting to try them on a few times and seeing if you can style it different ways with your own wardrobe. Probably not keeping, butI liked them enough that I am now mostly sold on joggers. Just not a gray stripey pair :)

Overall? YES. ๐ŸŒŸThey sent just what I asked: Athleisure. On trend! On budget. Did you know this whole fix, had I decided to keep it all came in under $185!? Too bad I didn't totally love it all. I kind of had already resolved to reduced spending. I'm leaning toward keeping only 2 items. Good enough. Looking forward to my next fix. Thanks to Jaime, my stylist, who always examines my Pinterest board and puts together a very nice box!
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  1. I like the sweater/sweatshirt and the jacket! I would not spend that on sweatpants. I know they are on trend but I would not wear them out of the house. :)

  2. I've gotten a couple joggers from stitchfix. I loooved both pairs I got. I hope you try again. You looked great in everything. Excellent street style!!