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Stitch Fix sent exactly what I wanted for Fall! Sept 2016 Happy Bday Review and video

September 2016 Stitch Fix Review

My super fun Birthday/Fall Fix! 

It's my birthday this month and I told my stylist: "It's my birthday fix so Surprise Me, send crazy stuff! Even fun things for Fall!"

That's the Kakao duck if you use Kakao Katalk messaging app on your Samsung like I do :) I love the Kakao characters. 
She really sent awesome stuff!
You like the confetti? It's an instant party!

Here's my Pinterest pins she referenced:

Here's my unboxing and try on video:

I didn't realize until hours later that my stylist actually sent something I pinned! woo!
Here are the items in no particular order:

Taneli Knit Dress

I paired this dress with some peep-toe booties. Yes, I went and bought these recently. Steve Madden calls them sandals. I'm confused but my feet love them, so he can call them whatever he wants.
Anyway, let me tell you about this knit dress. There's an exposed zipper up the back case of fancy updo you don't want to mess up? Not sure. This dress is stretchy! Stripey! and.... FUZZY!! Yes, up close you can see it's actually fuzzy. Will it get all pilled up? Probably at some point. I've got a heavy duty, plug-in fabric shaver though ahaha! My stylist sent a sized down dress and said feedback complained that it was too big. Look at your feedback! It works because this dress fits! The cuffed sleeves and contrast neckline force it to step out of the pajama-realm, no? It's so soft!


Delon Fringe Mixed Material Top

The style card for this top said jeans and flats. It works. It's a lovely black top. Very cute detail at all the hems with tiny fringe, embellishments of studs and beadwork. It's a lightweight poly blend in the front and a soft stretchy knit in the back. I loved this coming out of the box but so sadly this top did not fit my Hulkish shoulders and was tight across the arms and front when I stood up straight. Very cute and nice idea, just better suited for a slimmer build. I often run into this issue with some non-stretchy tops. I've either got wide shoulders or big arms or both. Not gonna stop working out though! More pull-ups!
ps. those are my Express Stella jeans circa 2013. Everyone asks about them. Shoes also from Express.


Quay Henley Blouse

Tell me, is this plaid? I was struggling to describe this pattern. It's like gingham? Anyway, I was not very wow'ed by this top. It's okay. Interesting. Pretty navy color. Easy to style. I like the contrast henley button down and cute button sleeves. Lightweight. I don't think I see myself wearing this much. It did grow on me after I tried it on and photographed it. Perhaps it doesn't quite "fit in" with the rest of my wardrobe. I would like this in a solid color or possibly a different pattern? I think I feel like and look like a teacher in it. I'm not teacher material. I'll return it and let it be sent to another, more-worthy woman :)

Renee C.
Clarissa Pencil Skirt

Stop stop stop. This is what I pinned! This exact skirt! I think I only pinned it because I was looking for plaid skirts for Fall. Happened along the style card for this and pinned it. YEEEEAAASS. It's so cool and I can't wait to wear it. It's a medium weight knit, stretchy and the seams line up nicely with the pattern. That kind of thing is hard to find, people! Look at all the colorness! Burgundy, Blue, Purple, Black... So pretty! So Fall! Fitting perfectly. Thank you, thank you stylist Jamie XO! A wonderful birthday gift! Keeping it forever. Paired it with a simple Target Tee and Payless booties. Easy-Easy-Easy!
side note: I have a lot of Renee C. brand items. It may just be my favorite brand that Stitch Fix carries.
Caterina Frayed Hem Ankle Zip Skinny Jean

Let me tell you about these jeans. They are lovely. They have decent stretch. They fit like a glove. This brand, Pistola, is new to me. I've never tried this brand before! Thanks to Stitch Fix I may go out and try to find more Pistola jeans! These jeans have a cute zippy ankle. A frayed but controlled hemline. No pockets in front, but some in the back. I'm okay with fake pockets on jeans... that means fewer places for me to have to check where my key went. Anyway, look at this nice olive green color too. Best pair of jeans Stitch Fix has ever sent! Paired it with a burgundy tee from Nordstrom Annual Sale and a resale Stella & Dot necklace.

What do you think? I really enjoyed this Fix. It was fun and seasonal! Fall is my favorite season! Even though I did not keep it all, I'm pleased with it.
 I recently raised money for Childhood Cancer Awareness Month and pledged a sum to CureSearch. So I'm alright not to keep it all. Donate some, Save some, Spend a little on yo'self.

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