Tuesday, August 16, 2016

The Belated, Random Request Stitch Fix Review: August 2016 !

My Random, Belated Stitch Fix Review for August 2016

It's been pretty warm around here. So warm that it's hard to like clothes at all. This month I postponed my Fix by a few weeks. The heat isn't over, but I was feeling the "Fall is Coming" itch and needed some distraction and perhaps a new found love of Summer clothes? Oh my gosh whine, whine whine! First world problems! On with the fix review already! Right?
Here's my stylist note:

Your note to your personal stylist:
"Dear Stylist, I loved all the tops you sent! I get many compliments on both the blue and yellow tops. I'll wear the tangerine top soon. I think I'm looking for distressed denim shorts, casual dress, interesting clutch or skirts? Mostly looking for casual wear but really I'd take anything to distract me from the heat. You might notice some light, modern vests in my Pinterest too. This is my most random note ever, sorry! :) "

Unboxing video:

The 5 Items:
STREET LEVEL #20180-478

Roxy Cork Clutch 


I've been eyeing a giant clutch like this. Is it still really a clutch if it's huge? I guess so. You could stick some file folders in there and call it a briefcase! It could be casual and for a nicer occasion as well. Certainly fits my giant phone and wallet.
I'm liking it!

DEAR JOHN #23196-608
Finnegan Printed Cuffed Short

These shorts make me go Hmmm. Fit nice. Feel nice. Look nice quality. The pattern and color is throwing me off. Cute pattern, ok colors. I'm not sure how to wear these other than with matching tops: White. Pink. Blue? I don't see how a black top, like on the style card, looks good. Does it? Is that how it should be worn? I don't know. I'm not feeling these shorts much.

Arsenio Front Split Detail Blouse 

 Wow look at this bold blouse! I styled it like the card with white jeans. I like that it's sleeveless and would look great layered under something plain. Is it a good color for year round? It really is a Hot Pink! I don't go for pink much because I'm a wimp with branching out to color. Stitch Fix has done a great job at shoving me into uncomfortable fashion zones where I can grow! Hey- if I can wear this color pink blouse, I can do other scary things! 
PIXLEY #20581-164
Ranya Crochet Trim Dress 

Aww this dress is cute. It looks like a dress for someone who Loves Summer!  That's not me. I do not love Summer. It's cute though. It feels a tad short perhaps because the liner does not extend to the length of the dress? I do like the lace and crochet accents but it looks so much like the blue mesh detail blouse I got in my previous fix. 

I am getting a lot of use out of the top and I'm wishing this dress was another color :( 
Would you keep it? 
RENEE C #23607-040
Pamala Hi-lo Maxi Dress  

 This dress delivered the High and Low of my fix. 
Wow! So cool. This ornate pattern. So busy but cool! Fun to look at! I could probably style it with cardigan or jacket for Fall! But alas, when I tried it on- it was huge on me. I pinned it back in photos. I checked the tag again... the dress' tag. It says 2 sizes too big! No wonder. 

Booo. So after contacting Customer Service who quickly responded within 24 hrs, they let me know they do not in fact have any replacements in my size Booooooooooo. So sad. It has to go back. This happens sometimes. J.Crew did the same thing on my order.

Was this Fix personalized? Yes. Especially the note. My stylist always sends quite personal notes and references my Pinterest board.
Did this Fix match my style? I think so. If not alone, then they certainly could be styled in a way to go with my clothes... well except for the shorts. I'm just at a loss of how to make those work.
Was this Fix fun? Yes. I mean look at those clothes. I feel like I just need a party to attend!
Will I get another Fix? Ohhhh Yes. Next month is my Birthday Fix! And Fall is approaching! I don't know what to request or pin. What Do I pin??? Help! 

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