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Stitch Fix Review July 2016: All Summer Tops + unbox video

Stitch Fix Review #17! July 2016: Hot Tops for Summer!

This month is Hot. And you know it’s just going to stay hot and keep getting hotter. I don’t like being hot. I’m a polar bear. I like staying cool as possible. So I didn’t request anything but ALL summer tops so I could just wear my shorts I already own, skirts and thin jeans or pants when possible. I added some strappy, fun, flowy tank tops and blouses to my Pinterest board. 

I added all the styles! I like to be challenged. Try new things. And my stylist always does challenge me! The funny thing about this month’s fix is that when I tracked it- it was coming early but flying to Honolulu! :O

Alright! A Hawaiian fix! And hence my Hawaiian theme stitch fix video unboxing:

I’m actually really excited about this fix. I thought it was SO fun and vibrant items! My stylist did in fact send only tops. I made mention of inexpensive ones and they are moderately priced. Not really as cheap as I hoped but I think they look great for the price point. This summer I’m trying to branch out into color. Lots of color. Bold color instead of my usual gray, navy, black, white, green. This fix is definitely pushing me toward that goal. Here’s what I got:

PIXLEY #23385-016

Wayman Mesh Panel Blouse – S


This cobalt bright blue sleeveless blouse with the interesting mesh panels. Bold color. Yes! Sleeveless, Yes! Lightweight, Yes! Goes with lots of outfits, Yes! Feels like my style? Yep! Affordability? Eh, close enough..? Bonus: the mesh part goes down the front but it's lined so no extra camisole required. Yay!

Here’s how I styled it. 

I paired this second hand Express midi pencil skirt from Poshmark and new fun pink Steve Madden flats from DSW.
I did kind of a front tuck thing? Did I do that right? I’m not sure it looked as good untucked with the long pencil skirt. It gave me funny proportions.

PIXLEY #20431-833

Eileen Honeycomb Texture Knit Tank – S


This honeycomb knit tank blouse with the zipper in the back and light aqua straps. This top seems really familiar like I’ve seen it last year on Pinterest? Am I right? Anyway- it is my kind of colors. The pattern is interesting. It feels a tad big. Is it supposed to be big and flowy or more fitted? I’m currently undecided on this top. Maybe because of the cut? fit? I’m not sure. What do you think?

I paired it with my Henry & Belle cropped jeans I got for a deal on Off The Hanger buying page on Facebook and cute Seychelles wedges from DSW Clearance and turquoise Zad necklace from Zulily.


PIXLEY #23303-148

Noelia Bar Back Blouse – S


Here we have this curious vertical stripe, button up, collared and open back detail long blouse. Navy, coral stripes. Yes, I like that part. Sleeveless, like that! Fit? So loose and big! It fit more like a large! Or loose medium. I like the concept just not the execution. This top isn’t feeling like a winner.
I styled it tucked in because it was just so long! Black ankle pants and matching navy stripe wedges. I also tried it belted but it felt I was trying hard to make it work.
The back, "bar back" not to be confused with a Bar-Back or person who works behind or at a Bar hah! The stripes are conveniently placed to cover your bra strap. No special undergarments required woo!

41HAWTHORN #23114-526

Tamaya Twist Neck Halter Blouse – S


Oh here we go. Orange. Orange again. Is orange haunting me or is it like the new hot color in fashion? Something is a little different about this shade though. It reminds me of a fruit or two. Tangerine? Mango? Papaya? Wait- is papaya pink? Cantelope. Cantelope is orange. I was briefly reminded of other orange non-food things like construction zones and home improvement stores. I styled it up contrary to how my stylist told me to. Only because when I looked up how to wear an orange top on pinterest all the suggestions were White pants! White shorts! And that’s what my stylist said too. There’s got to be another way! Challenge accepted!

So here I have it tucked into these dark wash bootcut, kind of flare jeans by Kut From The Kloth. Josephine style or something? And my new Sam Edelman leopard heels that were severely discounted at DSW. (When something is on clearance, fits well, is comfortable to wear, and the slightest bit cute- well that’s just a sign from the Fashion fairies that you must take it home!)
It's growing on me.
I showed my husband and he said Wow he loved it. He usually does not say this. His typical unopinionated response to ‘How does this look?’ is along the lines of (or exactly like) “ Looks like a shirt” or “Looks like you’re going somewhere”. 2 thumbs up from him. Then I photo'ed this outfit and asked my fashion consult community online. The vote was an overwhelming ‘keep it!!’. Bold color! yep - I am leaning toward keeping it to help my color fear therapy along. It is pretty affordable for such a nice looking, date night kind of top. Lightweight and cool? Absolutely. My only few issues are the halter style- meh no big deal. And the wrinkleyness that shows up when stored, even on a hanger. Perhaps it needs some wrinkle releaser to help it stay unwrinkled. Does anyone have experience with keeping a crepe-y fabric from wrinkling? Let me in on the secret!

41HAWTHORN #23035-433

Breyson Split Neck Pleated Sleeveless Blouse – S


Final 5th item is another big color challenge for me: Yellow. Not big on yellow. Perhaps it’s just too cheery and bright looking. I like a dark, mysterious, chic, black on black on black outfit anyday of the year. All year long. Yellow doesn’t quite fit into that persona. But whatever- I’m challenging myself! Comon’ buck up! My stylist is challenging me! I’m accepting this yellow top challenge! I even have this new, cute boldly fun and colorful beady necklace to wear with it!

I paired it with very light wash Calvin Klein ankle jeans (I really should have bought 2 of these when I had the chance!) from Costco, yes Costco. #Costcolife! I can actually see myself pairing this easy, breezy top with multiple bottoms of various styles! I can do this! It’s got cute pleating in front and back, fit is good, lightweight! Ok! I will probably keep this. 
Thanks to my stylist for sending probably my most colorful, fun, and challenging and very fashion-y feeling fix!! 

If you want to sign up for your own Stitch Fix you can use this link: 

There’s a lot of sign up perks right now. You don’t have to use my link. I’m not a seller or a pusher. Sign up- don’t sign up- whatever! :) But I like this fashion service!

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