Friday, June 3, 2016

StitchFix June 2016: That time I forgot to write a Stylist note! + SHOES! + video!

 Stitch Fix Review: June 2016

So I took a break from StitchFix in May due to being out of town on a vacation.
AND!! I forgot to write a stylist note for my next fix! By the time I got around to seeing my 'Your fix is about to be processed' notification- It was already in process! :O Real quick I jumped onto Pinterest in an attempt to update my Stitch Fix pinboard. AHH! "Like, like, like! delete, delete, Delete!" And you know what?? It worked! I think? My stylist mentioned some pins and I think she saw my updated Pinterest board ? Anyway, she ended up sending 2 outfits. I have been quite busy lately so I just modeled them together instead of the pieces on their own. Plus, house a mess, hence outside photos :) What else did my stylist send? SHOES! My first shoe shipment in a Fix! but ...wah-wah... they didn't really do it for me. I thought surprise shoes showing up at my door would be an instant win but alas- I am too picky! boo hoo but I am glad I *can* receive shoes in fixes now.

Here's My 
Unboxing First Impression Try On video:

Items in no particular order:

ONEMARKET #22651-547

Marion Printed Mesh Detail Short


So these shorts are very Wow. They're made of a thick, satiny, quilted texture. There's a crochet inset detail all the way around. A high waist. Bold floral-gardeny-butteryfly-birdie pattern. Lots going on. Perhaps too much. If it were a skirt, Sold. Wait, didn't I recently get a patterned short that I said the same thing about? Yes! Hmm, this is my second floraly high waisted fancy short. I need to send better feedback. I am not a fan of high waisted shorts. Chop off the top 2-3 inches and give it a button and fly and I like it. I can make that work. It's a really pretty pattern but No.

LIVERPOOL #21694-975

Indy Cropped Skinny Cargo Jean


Yes. YES! Finally some olive green pants and cargo pants at that. Kind of. Odd pockets but I guess they're "cargo"ish. Ankle jeans, I do ankle jeans. Cool zipper detail up the back, not that I'd use it. I'm not sure why it's a hidden zipper. It could look better as an exposed zipper. These are soft jeans but thick! Not in the summer! Arg! And a few other things that counted against these. The seam down the front, it looks really cool but it's hard on my knees. Also, too loose. I can stick my arm into the waist whilst wearing the pant. If these were thinner denim, I'd size down and suffer the leg seam. Sadly, these olive cargo jeans aren't working out for me :( I hope there is an alternate pair in my future.


Hanae Crochet Detail Blouse


Navy, lined, lace and open shoulder top. Yes to all that! I love Navy. Don't currently have any navy colored blouses. This fits perfectly into my wardrobe. Not an excellent price- not an awful price. $38 after I have already paid the $20 style fee. This top will look great with jeans. Easy! I modeled it with the shorts as suggested in the Stylist Note. Not my first pick but probably more interesting looking that way. Loose, comfortable and good fit! 

MARKET & SPRUCE #22447-833

Karice V-Neck Knit Top


This top, so soft. Lined. Very stretchy. Neutral color palette. Wide straps for whatever undergarments are in your clean pile. Ah, the only thing is that it runs big. It feels a whole size bigger. Too big for me to keep. Not really interesting enough or priced right to size exchange and keep. Felt like pajamas though. And because of the big size- a little TOO much like pajamas :( 

SOL SANA #21420-639

Flic Strappy Slide Sandal


SHOES!! WOO! These shoes...hmm. They feel like good quality sandals. They came in a special dust bag. The style, uh, meh. The fit, eh. I think it's my right size, but the straps are a bit loose and don't feel like they're holding the shoe to my foot. Cool sandal, not for me. Certainly outside my perceived sandal budget. Sorry, stylist, I like where you were going with it but just kind of missed the mark. I should go check my StitchFix profile and see what I can alter in regards to shoes!

Here are the clothes! Feel free to pin :) I tried to make them cute-ish. 


What do you think of my fix? This is box number 16 for me. Did you love or hate any of it? How about how the stylist recommended I wear them- paired together like that. I think it's not bad considering I didn't write any note to my stylist before it was processed. Note to Self: Write Note to Stylist. I think next I'll request a whole outfit with a low budget.
Anyway, thanks for checking out my blog. Feel free to send me your feedback 


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