Saturday, April 16, 2016

Stitch Fix April 2016 Reveal: Island Vacay request + video

Stitch Fix April 2016: Warm Vacation requests + video

Hi Stitch Fixers! Thank you for checking out my blog, be sure to watch my video reveal below for my honest review and try ons.
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After last month's funny orange romper I told my stylist to just send cool stuff you usually do and I'd keep an open mind but I also mentioned I'd be happy to get a few items to take on my tropical vacation coming up. She really pulled through! I got lots of stuff to potentially wear on vacation and through the rest of Spring and Summer.

I don't have a big fancy write up this month because I've got a bit of a head cold. So without further ado, here's Fix #15! 

Video Unboxing, Reveal, Try ons and perhaps some kind of serenade:


Item details in no particular order:
ZAD #19649-448

Abdella Stone Layering Necklace, $38.00

SKIES ARE BLUE #20213-142

Cupertino Eyelet Detail Top, $54.00

MARKET & SPRUCE #19288-328

Gennie Knit Romper, $68.00

LUCCA #20389-730

Clare Scallop Hem Printed Short, $74.00

PIXLEY #19734-367

Aldin Hi-lo Dress, $64.00

After not liking much in my previous fix- I don't think I kept anything :( This fix totally redeemed the previous one. Except for a few fit issues, I liked it all. I will definitely keep at least 2 items. Which ones do you like?

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  1. The tank top, romper, and dress are my faves on you!! Such a cute fix all around though!