Thursday, March 3, 2016

Stitch Fix 14 for March 2016 + video!

This month's What's in the Box: Stitch Fix 14

 You asked for it!

 So this month's stylist note:
"Dear Stylist: I want to try cold shoulder tops. Maybe a jumpsuit/romper?? Some Springy trends"
Last month's box was really great! I liked it all but couldn't keep it everything, so all but 1 item went back. Boo-hoo!

I redid my Pinterest board.
(this is my actual pinterest feed, continually updating as I redo it)

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Here are the key pins I hoped my Stylist would pick up on:

SO!! Here's what I was sent. My unboxing Video:

Feel free to comment on my video! Or here on the blog. Give me your input! Do you like those things or not?

The Items as they appeared in video:

1. LOVEAPPELLA #17189-234
Caly Cold Shoulder Crochet Detail Knit Top

This was a pretty, very floral top. I did pin a lot of floral items. I guess the pattern just looked brighter in person. Perhaps the off-putting part was the crochet lace? I don't own much crochet anything. It is out of the box for me. I do like the cold shoulder trend. I don't know if it is supremely boho for me or if I can shape it more to my style?


Here's how I styled it:

2. MARKET & SPRUCE #17939-203
Evella Boatneck Top

This top is totally my style. The black and white. The stripes. The cuff sleeves. The 2 in 1/faux/fake layering part (because I actually do not like the heavy, restrictive feel of real layering). It is stretchy and comfortable but looks put together! I kind of wish the price was $20 less and I'd really be sold! Arrg, need to spend less monies. 

Here's how I styled it:

3. SKIES ARE BLUE #17187-451
Ramilah Peplum Blouse

This lace top was really much more interesting in person than it shows on camera/photo. Lots of detail and texture. It looks expensive and chic! It's really flattering, well-fitting and has built in layer beneath. I think it's the best high quality looking and feeling item I've received yet from Stitch Fix. The price is right for what it seems like it may be worth. The question is- will I actually wear it or will I even have occasions to wear it? Is it too fancy for my casual date style? Things to ponder.

Here's how I styled it: (Which- sandals or booties?)

 4. ADELYN RAE #17870-538
Wilma Crepe Romper
$98.00 <--- (what??)

Here. it. is. This item. Upon sharing my first-impression try-on video with fashiony internet friends, this item had really mixed reviews. Some people love it. Some people think it's a bad/funny joke. I am in the latter group, sorry to say to my stylist if she is reading this. I am number 1 anti-fan of Orange. Perhaps the cut was cool and semi-flattering and on-trend. Is Orange on trend? I don't know and hope not. I know it was more of a Red-Orange... still.

To help you understand, here is how I THINK I looked:
Is it my own fault for not checking off 'do not send orange' in my profile? Perhaps I shall change that now. 
Here's how I tried to style it:

I imagined it turning out closer to this? Nope.

So do you hate it or love it?
5. ZAD #16937-875
Adel Center Dotted Cuff

This was a cute little bracelet. A cuff to go with my orange outfit!

I do like jewelry!

There you have it, the Good, the Bad and the Weird.
What do you think I should keep if any?

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  1. I think that that orange romper was really cute on you! I loved it all.