Thursday, March 17, 2016

Spring Clearance Online Shopping FTW! haul video

Winter/Spring Clearance Shopping online FTW! Video haul

I shopped on for a few cute Springy but Classic basics. How many clothes do you think I scored for under $100???

Well I'll tell you...

I'm actually taking a break from Stitch Fix for a month or two. After a year, I'm beginning to lose appreciation for the service and their clothing options. So I'm just going to try to buy my own for a bit with my own fashion inspiration.
I like The Limited. I used to work there once upon a time. I used to basically sell their clothes so I could turn around and use most of my paycheck to buy the same clothes. Will work for fashion? Anyone else do that? Those were the days. Anyway, I can trust their sizing and styles. Their stuff lasts forever for me and it's comfortable. So I took advantage of their 70% off sale. YES! 70! One of the items I bought was $100 off!! Check out my video! :)


Here are the items:

Was it ALL Awesome or would you send something back to get your $13 to spend on something else? Like a coffee. HAHA! 

PS Want those coupons???
Leave a comment below to win one of the following:
  • 50% off up to 4 full-price items (April 8-25 in store or online)
  • coupon for $12 earrings (regularly $19-$34 in store or online)
  • 50% off up to 4 full-price items (April 26-May 8 in store or online)
  • $25 off $50 purchase (excludes markdowns, March 30- April 7)
  • $25 off $50 purchase (excludes markdowns, March 30- April 7)
If no one enters before March 29th. I reserve the right to spend it all!


  1. I want a coupon code! Pick me! Pick me! You scored a very cute haul from the Limited :-)

    1. I like your enthusiasm! You win $25 off of $50 purchase! Emailing the code coupon to you now :)