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Stitch Fix Box 13: February 2016 Mystery Box + video

Stitch Fix Box # 13 ! Dun-dun- DUN~!

The February 2016 Mystery Box

What is Stitch Fix? (the TL;DR version)
How can you sign up for this awesome service?

So after last month's Pinterest preparation, carefully written and thought out stylist note and wardrobe style resolutions, trying on and much deliberation... I sent Everything Back. My first 0/5 after about a year's worth of fixes. I already owned nearly the same pants, cardigan didn't do it for me, pricey tops that I couldn't fall in love with... This month I told my stylist: 
"Surprise ME! I Need some inspiring pieces. PS. It's beginning to warm up". 
And here's my revamped Pinterest Board:
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I always include a few images from my previous box so my stylist can see them on me or just see them in general since I've heard they may not get to see pieces worn just the Stitch Fix stock images. I think Jessica Alba is my celebrity style inspiration? I ended up pinning a lot of her.

This box too a whole week at the In Progress stage. My boxes are consistently 1 or 2 days early. But this one is not yet shipped even 2 days prior to predetermined arrival date.

"...your Fix is in progress!"

Not sure why. Trying to get it right after my 0/5 box? Super busy after Holidays and gifted subscriptions? No idea where what to do with my 'make it a surprise' request? One can only speculate...
Said box arrived right about on time.

This time I am Not peeking at what they sent. Double Surprise! You can see my initial impression and try ons in my video -which FINALLY UPLOADED!

The item breakdown:

Items may not appear in the same order as on the video:

#1. Level99 Giovanni Straight Leg Jean, White, $108.00

LEVEL 99 #16323-119

Giovanni Straight Leg Jean

Ok, is it obvious they're too small? I wondered why in the latest fixes I was receiving too-small pants. DUH! I checked my profile and the size is Wrong! GRR. I'm a big dummy. So I have messaged customer service and requested stock check for next size up. I love the way these pants feel- Yes they are pricey. Ugh. Bill pill to swallow. If I ultimately send them back, I'll be requesting them again down the road.

Anyway, the tag on the actual item says Lily Skinny Straight Jean, Pure White. Notice even the white button!
They seem to retail $12 more on the manufacturer website.
Soft and stretchy with pockets all around.

Item #2: 41 Hawthorn Colibri Solid Tab Sleeve Blouse, Dark Green, $48.00

41HAWTHORN #17150-885

Colibri Solid Tab Sleeve Blouse

Yes, so it was a little creased and static-y. But I sprayed it with the Static Spray. All better. Home run with this shirt. Lightweight. Rich color. Obvious that it can be dressed up or down. Day or night. Wearable through many seasons. Suitable for many style looks. Only thing that leaves me perplexed is the split seams on the sides. Uh. This leaves me unsure if it's so you CAN tuck it in... or leave it out? Does it look weird front tucked like I styled it?

I styled it with shorts. Pants, jeans- obvious choice. Pencil skirt would be nice too. I went with shorts because I can see myself wearing it through Spring and Summer! Daytime and Date-time.

 Winner! Really,
I was sold soon as I saw the color AND the price.

PS. It kind of reminds me of this pin on my board. Kind of??! No one can say my stylist didn't look!
I now have St. Patricks Day outfit nailed! yeah

Item #3: 41 Hawthorn Terrio Zip Front Detail Top, Dark Grey, $68.00

41HAWTHORN #14109-253

Terrio Zip Front Detail Top

So this top. When I pulled it out of the box on the video, which you can see (later). I was like... what? I had really low expectations. Then I put it on and styled it. My mind was totally changed, at least about the style.

 I attempted to take a close-up of the fabric. Can you see that it's fuzzy? It's soft but about as thick as some lightweight denim. 
So conflicted. I feel like it looks great on. If I return it, I'll probably be instantly regretting it soon as the postal worker whisks it away! If I do buy it, will it be sitting in closet 10 months out of the year? If it were a knit- like a t-shirt, even a lightweight sweater, I'd be done- sold. Thought I'd hate it when I pulled it out of the box. Not so bad! What do you think?

Item #4: Margaret M - Lea Printed Short $68.00

MARGARET M #17250-077

Lea Printed Short

Honestly, I wanted to style these with dark tights, heels, a blazer. Try that type of look I've seen on Pinterest. A shorts suit.
Like so:
But I didn't see myself actually going out like that? :( Not in the warming weather. PS that pin came straight off my board.
I sabotaged myself with my own pinterest board! gaaaah

I had fun in these shorts because they were so lightweight and easy-feeling. Just check out my cornball photo where I attempted to make it a sporty-casual short. Huh?!! Whatever. I try.

 Do you think you'll be requesting these when your weather warms up? I want to see other colors or patterns they have! 

Item #5: Collective Concepts Odele Dress, Red, $88.00


Odele Dress

This dress is cute. But...a little je ne sais quoi? Not enough...or too much. I can't put my finger on it. Something. My stylist was right, it is quite flattering on.

You see me trying to have fun in the dress? I wore a hat! Could not find my tights as suggested in the stylist note! I looked! So I just went without. But I did don the booties. How would you have styled this? Sandals? Wedges? Black heels? Is it super Spring-y looking or closer to date night wear. I was a clueless! So I made it a fun Spring-like casual look.

A nice round neckline, sleeveless, close cut and flare at the very bottom with material cut on the bias. Perhaps in another color? pattern? Take off the crochet? Husband says he "Wasn't sure about the balls". Balls? See detail photo.
That's right about the time I usually give him this look:

But does it look like I got ran over with tread marks straight down the middle of me? Don't lie down in the street, you guys! Not in your nice dress, anyway. 

Detail: The Balls

I think a lot of girls are going to love this dress and it will definitely fit in with a boho wardrobe style- more so than mine. I'm tempted by it.

What do you think? What would you keep? Any items you are definitely going to request in your next fix?

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