Tuesday, February 23, 2016

I went crazy with Clear The Rack! my Flare Jeans trend + video review

The Rack's Clear The Rack Sale! I went crazy!
So flare jeans are in or something? I need a new pair of jeans. Thought I'd take advantage of the risk-free shopping that is Nordstrom Rack's Clear The Rack sale. So I ordered 4, yes, 4 pairs of jeans. It was a scary checkout total despite the good deals. Eek! But I didn't plan to keep it all anyway! Just try them on. 
Check out my video:

I ended up keeping:

Joe's Jeans
The Icon Flare Jean

So soft, comfortable, pretty classic and uh...super cheap to hem??? 

I'm actually debating giving them a proper hem. Gee- first world problems.

Other item I kept:

Catherine Catherine Malandrino
Courtney Blouse
COLOR: Black
Going to wear this ASAP! Which is soon as we get a babysitter! (ASAWGB???)

Thank you for the comments to my youtube video and a shoutout to my Facebook Fashion group friends for helping me decide :)

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