Friday, February 19, 2016

Fashion Experiment: Paint Splatter Jeans you guyz!

Fashion Experiment time!!
Painted Jeans

I've seen these painted jeans around Pinterest and links to expensive Anthropologie denim.
I remember drawn on, decorated, bedazzled, patch jeans were really in...way a long time ago. It's kind of back. Not the bedazzled part. Those are not in style- sorry diamond sparkle butt-pocket lovers. 

Anyway, I'm like 'Dude, I can do that! Let's do it!'
So here are the pins!

Here's a tutorial:

Here's another tutorial:

But basically you're just making a painting mess of your jeans! How much instruction do you need?? 

My tools and medium:
The cheap stuff. $1.49 per bottle + 30% off coupon.
Yes, I really used just Q-tips and old cleaning toothbrushes. They were free!
Here's Jackson Pollack inspiration:

Watch me wreck my jeans here:

End product!

All dry and styled!

They feel ever so slightly stiff. I thought it would be much more noticeable. The only noticeable difference now is the roughness on the outside. I think they turned out great! Now my hiking, working outside, rough n' tumble jeans are now a work of art that I'm going to wear out! I may try this again on a top or a different color palette with black jeans?
Did this inspire you?

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  1. Super-Cool, you did a GREAT Job. I'm actually an artist and I have all these shirts and pants that I ONLY wear in my studio that are just covered in paint (plus my hair, my face, etc etc). Who'da thunk that it was trendy to wear it out?? I'm doing it to a pair of jeans this weekend - you've inspired me!