Friday, February 5, 2016

Beanbag Makeover: Flat to Puffy in $8!

Beanbag Makeover: Flat to Fluffy!

Got these very nice beanbag puffs at Target on sale! Loved them well for about a year. But a year later, anytime you went to sit on them you'd basically be lying flat on the floor. Barely a pillow, really!

Sad puff!
So these cost less than $50 but they were on sale. I don't want to pay another $50 or more for replacement bean bags/floor puffs. So I ran to the fabric store. It's a small one. Found foam. But no styrofoam balls that I knew were inside the bean bags. They said to check another fabric place which might have it but it was 20 min away! Grr. Could I fill it with foam? Sounds like work. Leaving the store a bit defeated because I really thought they had it. I just checked Amazon. Sure enough they sold lots and lots of bean bag filler of all kinds. Read reviews on this bag. They said it would fill at least 2 bean bags. Really? Other reviews confirmed it. For less than $20. I ordered it and it showed up a few days later. 
Amazon Bean Bag Refill
It was big. Tall as half your bedroom door, big. It took 4 people to refill the bean bags. 1 to pour. 1 to hold the zippered compartment open. And 2 optional small people to pick up all the stray styrofoam balls that fell to the wayside.

Also it took pliers to grab the zipper that was the opening. I'm ok with that. Do you see inside? do you want all that accidentally getting all over everywhere?? Imagine the accidental fun possibilities kids would have with that. oh em gee. No thank you.
PS Not my kids. Not my mess
So we, *Carefully* filled and poured and poured and filled. 
After 1 bean bag filled it looks like only half the refill was used. Or less than half? 2/5?

Here's what they looked like before. Pancake puffs. From kids jumping on them, jumping off them, using them as landing zone, throwing them about.
Who wants to sit on that? wah-waaah
It's a pancake.

Here's the after:

Yes. Looking almost new again! I may be able to refill these for years!
This is what was left! There's still more in there! 1/5 :)

So what did this DIY almost-new-again bean bag project cost? $19 for the refill and 2/5 of the refill per bean bag? Not even $8!! Say, that sure beats buying a new floor puff for $50 something! That is an acceptable cost of renewing a bean bag each year. 2 pennies a day. :) 

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