Thursday, January 7, 2016

Pinterest Face-off: Purpley Eye

I'm going to blog my Pinterest makeup duplications. I don't have much of an imagination to make my face all fancy with color. So of course I turn to Pinterest to get ideas. I'm going to try some looks that seem safe enough. Maybe crazier/edgier looks later. :) 

And now... My Pinterest Face-Off! 

Here's the model pin:
No source was available as to where photo came from. If you know, please comment below.
It's like purples or lavenders? with bold eyeliner and pink lips.

Here are the colors I used from my Sephora color Palette:

swatches, see below

The tools and colors:

Sephora travel shadow palette. Each set of 10 pops out to stick into a compact-like case. Missing 1 because I turned it into my daughter's pretend play makeup because I didn't like the super shimmery cool tone pastel colors. None of these have names that I know of.
This shade of bold matte Navy.  And at the bottom, (uncircled) is a shimmery silvery white.
Shade of dark shimmery pink, bold matte magenta, and a matte off-white

Sephora iridescent No2 shimmer powder and individual shadow called Tango Night No35

Blended these to make lavender and purples. Navy with pink, white and purple, pink and white and so on. Sounds like work, but it didn't take much color so it didn't take long. 
As seen: Iridescent shimmer No2, Matte White, Silvery white, dark shimmery pink, Matte magenta pink, Matte bold Navy, Dark purpley blue with flecks of glitter. 

L'Oreal Voluminous Manga Eyes, unsure how I feel about this mascara. I think it would do well on top of faux lashes. Takes many coats to get close to how I'd like it to look.
My go-to Stila All Day Intense Black liquid liner
L'Oreal Collection Privee
by Julianne

It's a light rosy pink

After looking at the photo and copying the placement of the colors...

Viola, turned out like so:


I don't have this model's pale skin so I stood by the window to get extra light on my face to compare :)


Did I do okay? What would you call those colors I used?
Time for some new color palettes, eh?

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