Sunday, January 24, 2016

Pinterest Face-Off: Blue & Purple shadow fun! + makeup video

Pinterest Face Off: Blue & Purple shadow fun!

Where I take a makeup look from Pinterest and attempt to copy it with my own cheap makeup and amateur skill :)

Here's the Pin:


Here's my palette! I used all those colors. Do you have a palette with those colors? 

The Color Swatches:
They are pretty faint because 1. it's just my dry arm application 2. It's just Sephora brand. Does well with shadow primer, not so well without.

The putting on of said makeups! enjoy!:

The End result: Hard to get simple camera to capture all the color. But I'm happy with it! I thought it'd look crazy on me...
HAHA You remember Mimi, right?

But it looks fine! Right?? I don't look crazy... right?!

Feel free to leave comments or questions :)

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  1. The title of your blog is very true. Nobody likes being bored. Its ok to get a little crazy sometimes. Loved your makeup skills!