Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Trendsend unboxing and So Cal shopping in Winter

Trendsend box # 4

It took Trendsend a while to send me my next box. My last one was in September and I am signed up for 'monthly' boxes. I emailed them in November after checking regularly online without any updates since October. They said there was a system-wide glitch and they'd send a box right away. Then days later Trendsend sent out an announcement that they were rolling out Nationwide service and it would be $20 styling fee now which would be credited toward anything you purchase from your box. My box happened to slip through just in time to avoid the fee.

But I'm still a little sad about this. It was a free service to try on expensive label clothes which I wouldn't touch in a store. I can blame them for my first purchase of a very soft and complimented $60 tshirt and a perfect fitting quality pair of $100 jeans (regularly $210. hey that's a deal!) I don't fault them for charging a fee. Normal business-y thing to do. 

Anyway here's my unboxing:

Here's my letter with the description of what they sent, how to wear it, what it goes with, examples of what type of event I can wear it, etc. And as always, a real signature. A very nice touch.

Outfit #1:

Yowza! I have no idea where I'd wear this! It made me feel young but also made me feel boring. I don't know if I'd ever choose to wear this from my closet, let alone have a place to wear it. For a Vegas trip? Yes! But I don't do Vegas. For girl's night getting fancy martini's at a happening downtown club/bar? Yes! But I have yet to see that invite. I love the soft plaid but... it's kind of too red-white-blue/country/menswear/farmy looking. It looks nice with the skirt but the color combo isn't me. And I already have the blue-black soft plaid from another Trendsend. Booties are my own from Payless
Sorry, outfit #1. Verdict is you are too fancy and cool for my lifestyle. 

Outfit #2:

Super cozy sweater time! This 3/4 sleeve cowl neck tunic sweater. Quite thick and dense knit. My dogs would love to get their hair all over this! If I needed sweaters- yes. If it actually got cold here more than 2 days a year- yes. If I had an office job with cold AC- yes. But alas, my life = no to all those. Not sad about it. Just no excuse to keep it. Also these gray skinny jeans that fit nicely. But I just bought those pricey jeans aforementioned and there is no room for another triple digit price tag jean in my closet right now. Marked down to $139 from $179. Not quite enough.
Verdict on Sweater: So cute but so the-wrong-kind-of-hot. Pants: Perhaps at a deep discount sale, but not this time.

This is the striped tunic that came with this outfit. So soft and long! And a bit pajama-y feeling with a low low price tag of $19. 

Verdict: Who can say no to 
a) stripes b) soft c) forgiving fit d) only $19. 

They sent these earrings. Now, I like edgy style, but this is too cutting edge in trendiness for me. I kind of don't get it. I don't really want to highlight the bottom of my ear lobe. Am I alone in this thinking?
Also they sent a few Bonus items. A top from a previous Trendsend that was full price and I sent back. But they read my feedback and sent it because it was on sale!!!! AWESOME...except... I saw it was on sale and already purchased it for myself, Doh! [Seen here in this ootd] But Awww how nice is that? And a white lacey racerback bra by Free People. The jury is still out on it. I already kept one in black from my first Trendsend. I don't know if I want 2 yet.

And the part I like to avoid looking at. Yikes! The itemized bill:
I'm torn on how I will proceed with their no-longer-free service. I may just try the fee service to see if it's changed. I usually keep 1 thing per box anyway. Check back in the new year for a fee-based 2016 Trendsend.

Later that same day...

 Here's a peek at the struggle of shopping in So Cal in December:#TheStruggleDoesNotExist 

Most of our malls are outdoors like this.

With palm trees. 
And Fountains.
Sunny Outdoor seating 

Here's where- for the 1st time in forever... No No No, Stop. Do not sing that line. We aren't Frozen fans here.
I got to shop at the mall. The big, big, big plus to putting your kids in pre-school: ALONE TIME!
So I stopped in Express because I was supposed to be Christmas shopping in the Men's section but they lured me over to the women's side with some Sale sign tactics. It worked! Gah!

Picked up these bleached/destroyed skinny jeans/jeggings. I think the opinions on these are split. "Nah, too 80s", and "They look cool and edgy". I like them and the price and like Tim Gunn says I'm going to "Make it work!". Anyone care to weigh in? On sale for $39. Regularly $88. I feel like this makes out for passing on $139 jeans. hehehe
Why are dressing rooms everywhere so poorly lit? Is that a marketing thing? Like "Don't look you look awful? Buy these new clothes and you'll feel/look better." 
I also grabbed a super soft asymmetrical tunic top from their One Eleven line. [Seen here in my OOTD post] The down side (or upside as my wallet would say) is that it only comes in 1 color!! One color? I would buy several in other colors! Boo hoo.
I did end up getting a few Christmas presents. Yay brought my 20% off coupon. Always check RetailMeNot! 

At this time I will now introduce you to ...The Active Wear song
Because I had to photo this while waiting in line. After watching the youtube Active Wear song, all I could think when I stepped into line and saw these matching ladies was: 'Shopping at the Mall in my Active Wear'. You will find it amusing too. If you don't then we just can't be friends.

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