Monday, December 28, 2015

Style Questions to Ask before you Buy

Top Style Questions to Ask Yourself

when working on a Signature Style

Is it your color palette?
Do you have a certain color palette you stick to? Brights, neutrals, earthy colors. Or colors you avoid? Warms or Cools. Yellows, Oranges, Reds, Neon, etc. I am trying to stick to darks, and neutrals. Navy, Olive, Black, Gray, Olive, Browns with occasional exceptions to bold color accents: Red, purple, turquoise...whatever it's an exception so I'm not going to think too hard about it.

Is it at least some part of your style blend?
Maybe you like a Classic-Preppy or Boho-Vintage. Whatever it is, discover what really draws you to them. Flowing cut. Slim fit. Clean lines. Lace detail. Ruffles. Simplicity. etc. I like the Classic, Modern, with a bit of Bold style. So I am looking for fitted design, a bit of trendiness, simple pattern, mostly timeless but a bit of edge.
Make sure what it ISN'T. For example, lace and ruffles is usually a feminine, romantic style. It's not Bold or Classic in my definition. So I shouldn't get too much lace or ruffle on an item. Paisley isn't a simple or clean pattern. Pattern, cut, fabric, texture. Do you pay attention to that stuff? I don't usually. But I should in order to make better choices. A flowy floral is pretty but isn't modern like color blocking would be. 

Is it the right fit for your lifestyle?
Office, Outdoors, Kids, Casual, Traveling, Busy, etc. I'm ogling cocktail dresses and don't know any single people who could possibly getting married anytime soon. Dates usually consist of moderately nice low key restaurant and movie theatre. Bad. Bad. Stop looking at cocktail dresses! You may need to ask, How can I dress this up? While I'm asking How can I dress this down?

Will it fit in with the rest of your wardrobe?
This might sound familiar: I just bought this pink blazer, now what do I wear it with?? I need to get some shoes to go with it. Yes, it's fun to buy things together. But now you just bought more things. I'm trying to simplify. Better to ask: What is my wardrobe really missing? A nice outer piece to wear to dress up some jeans. Or something like that. Also this is a good time to ask Wait don't I already have 3 other pair of distressed skinny jeans/Black blouses/white sneakers/fancy heels I don't wear? If it fits in with your wardrobe, easier to pair in an outfit, more likely to get better cost per wear from it.

Other important questions: 
  • Does it fit my budget? If no, can I work on saving up for it? Wait until a sale? A once in a while worthwhile extravagant spend? 
  • Is this a one-time special occasion purchase where I could rent/borrow/take a closer look at things I already own that could work instead of 'I have nothing to wear'.
  • Is it appealing just because it's a good deal?
  • Is it appealing just because of the label?
  • Does it impress me or do I like it because it will impress someone else?
  • Can I go without it? 

There are other questions like that concern fit, tailoring and proportion that I have yet to grasp so I'm not touching those for now.

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What do you think of these thinking points? I am hoping this really helps me hesitate before I check out with a new item :)

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