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Stitch Fix #11: Back to Basics! Dec 2015

Stitch Fix # 11 Review: Back to Basics, December 2015

After my last fun box request for all accessories [seen here]. I still didn't think I should request any winter-wear for fear of receiving something like the sweaters and ponchos I've noticed on their blog and Pinterest. I don't need that stuff, unfortunately/fortunately? So I merely requested BASICS. "Minimal Pattern. Simple blouses. Items to pair with stuff I already have". Also might have mentioned that I misplaced my boyfriend jeans and hadn't found them for several months.

Here's what I pinned to my board this month. Fall/Winter basics and edgy/classic outfit ideas for my stylist.
See list at the bottom of the post for these pin links

Here's my December fix of Basics in no particular order.

Item #1: Hey, look! My lost Kate Boyfriend Jeans.

The same ones...
Uh oh. Look, I actually found my missing pair just days before my fix arrived. Doh! Do you know where they were? In with a pile of my husband's clothes. Maybe they should be Husband jeans.  They are identical except one is a bit faded from washing. Can you even tell? Oh yeah, one still has the tags HAH! duh

Now what? I was kind of hoping they'd send me another brand in a similar style. Or the same brand in a different wash. Oh well.What do you think? Sell the new pair? Sell the used pair? Keep them both?

#2: Dahlya Cassondra Swing Top.

 So this top. Can you see it? It's knit jegging meets shirt! Jeans + knit leggings = jeggings. But Jeggings + shirt = This top! Not even sure what you'd call it a Jeggirt? 
What?! Don't let's be silly.
It's pretty comfy and stretchy! Crew neck with elbow length sleeves. However- if it ever shrunk, that'd be a disaster. Don't think I would have ever chosen a Swing Top for myself. But since it's here, I tried it and kind of liking it. I styled it 2 ways. The style card showed 2 outfits both with jeans. But I do what I want!  

Pin Away!

#3: Moda Luxe Clyde Mixed Material Tote.

I mentioned 'a tote or something' in my last month's fix note with my accessories request.
And my stylist remembered that I hadn't received one yet.
I also had pinned this:
Very glad my stylist sent me the bag and not that fuzzy sweater. It's not exactly fuzzy in a cute way.  

So THIS! Beautiful gray... so pretty. Yes, I love gray.
I used to love GREY, because I read British authors. Then it was ruined by this whole thing with an awful book series and ridiculous movie and I was so tired of grey, grey, grey. Overplayed. So, now I'm into gray. American spelling. 'merica! (And, yes, I have opinions on literature.)
It's a gray suede and leather tote with a pocket on the outside, tassels, tab snap and comes with an extra long strap for clipping to the side D-rings. Like so:

I already have a cross-body bag. I need a cram-all-the-stuff-in bag.

#4: Brixon Ivy Reyne Lace Shoulder Blouse

Very simple and I love it! It's a lightweight material with lace on the shoulders and they are layered over the material so it's not see-through. 3/4 button sleeves and an open notch at the neck. This top doesn't run small and feels loose around the shoulders for reaching. I hate when shirts are tight at the top and grabbing a mug from the cupboard feels like you're going to pull an Incredible Hulk. Is that just me?
Anyway, this could be styled a million ways. It's lightweight and I recommend nude undergarments or a camisole.

#5: Pixley Yuli Lace Cap Sleeve Blouse
I've come across this top a few times on Stitch Fix review blogs and Pinterest but I haven't pinned it myself. Seeing lace, I'm always afraid it's going to be itchy. 
It's an all black, soft, lace top with sheer hem detailing and black grosgrain piping for structured look. Two notches in the front and a zipper in the back that appears to go all the way down but doesn't. AND it comes with a hidden camisole layered underneath!

I styled it two ways like the style card shows: With jeans and with a skirt. I also belted it -big surprise- hah! (I love belts) It kind of gives it a peplum look? I think it was just too long to leave by itself with the skirt. It is just past hip length but not long enough to be a tunic. You could certainly try tucking it in. Be careful with this top. It could easily snag on jewelry, yikes.

So do you think this fix reflects any of my style from the pins? Did I request 1 thing, and pin another? I think the stylist gets me regardless of what I pinned. The pin are more like loose guidelines than actual rules anyway.

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Don't forget this little thing. Stitch Fix included something of a Holiday card:
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