Monday, December 21, 2015

Signature Style board and What Not to Pin

Signature Style board and the Wrong Stitch Fix Pins

Out with the Old pt 3

If you're following my post series on Signature style and Out with the Old, you read my previous post on how to narrow down what your style is.
I'm now editing my Stitch Fix (What is Stitch Fix?) (Sign up here) preferences and writing my personal stylist note. I took notes and words directly from the style chart in the other post.

Updating my Stitch Fix style profile 'Final Notes':
For the New Year, it's my fashion resolution to narrow down my signature style. Traditional/Dramatic. (Not Romantic, not Bohemian) I like neutral, dark colors, Olive, maroon/dark purple, ivory, navy, forest green, gray. Casual fitted style fabrics, more structured layering pieces. Clean, Fitted, Structured, Form fitting, Trend Oriented, Sharp.
My note for Jan 2016:
Dear Stylist, I'm narrowing down my Signature Style and have updated my profile and Pinterest Board. I'd love to see the Just-In for 2016 pieces that are Modern and Dramatic. Happy New Year! 
I only used 2 of my style words. I left out classic/traditional because I don't want to be so specific that it excludes items that I could make work. She can send a dramatic piece and I can pair it with classic items I have already. Now, my board will have no Stitch Fix items on it. I requested all New items. I can't pin pieces people have received already if I want all New, Just-In items. So it will be an inspiration board. 

My updated Pinterest Board includes these latest pins: Do you think they are Modern, Dramatic, and Classic/Traditional?

Here are some pins that won't help my stylist:

Sabotaging Pin: Personal Style Notes/Things They Don't Carry 
This outfit is basically a personal style note. A new way to wear old things. It's a Graphic Sweatshirt. Distressed Cut Off Shorts. Nylons. Stitch Fix Carries none of these things- ok maybe they have shorts but... I have those already and wouldn't keep them if they sent them. It's not helpful and takes up space.
Deleted. Or Moved to a secret/personal board for putting outfits together myself. 
Sabotaging Pin: Vague Style/Not liking exact items Here's a great example of how to ruin your fix: Pinning something you think is cute but won't actually wear if you received exact match. This whole style is cute to me. Skinny jeans, pattern top, cardigan. But I don't need skinny jeans, (*buzzer sound*) X! I am not looking for a floral top, X! There is NO way I'd wear that chartreuse color cardigan or on any piece of clothing, X! Simply leaving a caption like "I like this style but different color cardigan" just isn't that helpful in my mind. What if they miss that note? Find a whole look that you'd wear and need every piece. Deleted.

Sabotaging Pin: Not A Lifestyle Match. I nearly pinned this. It fits my style criteria. Modern, Dramatic, Classic, Fitted, etc. But it's too formal. AND I don't do strapless. I would love it if my stylist sent this outfit but would have no where to wear it and I would be sad it was strapless despite totally pinning it and ...sabotaging myself again. The overall style matches, but the details won't work for my lifestyle. Good-bye fancy runway look! Deleted.

Sabotaging Pin: Not enough information. This pin is shoes, jeans, and the bottom part of a lacey top or sweater or layering piece? The shoes are cute yes. So it's what-showing my stylist I like distressed jeans and turquoise? and lace? I can't confirm that the top is my style, (*insert buzzer sound*) X! I have a decent amount of distressed jeans already, X! I don't actually want a turquoise clutch, X! There is not enough specific style or outfit information here. I like the look. It's casual and cute from what I can see. It's mostly the right style I think, but not enough outfit in the photo. Would be perfect if I did want those things. Deleted.

Pin looks from the stores that match your style. Look at their website lookbooks and pin from there.
Next up: Asking Myself Style questions before I buy/Sell/Clean out the Closet.
In 2 weeks I get Fix #12 :) 

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