Sunday, December 13, 2015

Pinspiration: Taylor Swift, Moto jacket and her Red beanie

Pinspiration: All Black with a Red Beanie 

as seen on Taylor Swift

A cool, brisk, partly rainy day is the perfect time to wear a jacket, boots and beanie all day. I found this Betsey Johnson beaded beanie on sale so I searched Pinterest for 'Red Beanie Outfit' and up came this outfit:

I thought: Hey I have that kind of jacket, and black boots, I can do that outfit! It's black. Of course I have a slew of stuff to choose from! Here's my total copycat outfit:
I didn't bring my entourage or paparazzi into the photoshoot... this time. Under my jacket, I had to fit in my hipster wolf tee since I'm wearing this semi-hipster headwear.

And now...
 with my black rimmed glasses, my hipster transformation is complete! Probably could add in a wooden case iPhone and a scruffy beard or something, right?

 What do you think of my Taylor Swift Pinspiration outfit? Nailed it or I should have gone with my curly blonde wig? I'd quote you some Taylor Swift song lyric but I probably could not even tell you a single song she sings, let alone recognize one. I'm old, I listen to the Classical station, NPR or Jazz on the Amazon Echo. Fact: I've been known to sing along with a KPop artist or 2.
Betsey Johnson Red beaded beanie & Wolf shirt: Zulily
Mossimo Moto Jacket: used from Facebook clothing resale group. [New ones online here]
MeMoi skirted leggings: Zulily [Found some on Amazon here]
Ralph Lauren Riding boots: DSW [on sale now]

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