Monday, December 14, 2015

How To: Style Christmas Snowflake Leggings

How To Style:

 those Christmas Snowflake Leggings I keep seeing

Aside from wearing them as-is to Ugly Sweater Christmas Party...

I came across these super soft leggings from a Fashion OOTD post on Facebook. Wearer claimed they were super soft. You know I hit power boosters to all that is soft. These particular ones are on Amazon in a wide range of colors and patterns including non-Christmasy patterns and at a low low price of $10-$14 and on Prime. Speedy shipping people. Instant gratification. Here's the link so you too can own these life-changing leggings: Amazing Amazon Leggings I might have impulsively bought a pair after said wearer posted about them. Then received them, drank the kool-aid and instantly ordered 3 more.But then... how do you style these bold, eye-catching additions to your wardrobe? I scrolled and scrolled on Pinterest but didn't see anything helpful! Many of the photos were with Uggs or slippers. No, no, no. I want to wear these out and about. How do you style them with regular clothes? Well, I'll tell you...

With a casual, short, solid dress and flats:

You could certainly add a chunky scarf or cardigan.

With a tunic and tall boots:

With an oversized Sweater and booties or short boots:

Cover your butt! Yes I'm basically wearing them as pants but nothing is exposed. Everything is covered up. Make sure your tunic, long tee, oversized sweater is beyond hip length. My rule with long length tops to wear with leggings is if you can wear it around without any leggings and no one can see your underwear- it's perfect for wearing with leggings. Mini dresses are great for leggings. 
I wanted to style these with a miniskirt but alas, I had none. Like a denim mini skirt and a tshirt and sweater ? Cute!
What do you think of my fashion choices? Feel free to comment.


  1. Cover your butt! Finally, someone said it. Thank you. These outfits are awesome.

  2. Cover your butt! Finally, someone said it. Thank you. These outfits are awesome.

  3. I love these workout pants. The material of workout clothes feels awesome, mostly cotton with just enough stretch which is what I love. I got the medium and they fit perfect. I definitely wanted more of these and got another with different style.