Sunday, December 20, 2015

Fashion Resolution: Find a Signature Style

Out with the Old, (cont'd)

Find a Signature Style: My Fashion Resolution

New Year's Resolutions can be in any area of your life: Eat better, Exercise more, Smile often, Spend less, Relax more, Be lazy less, Do this, Don't do that, etc. I think I'll, among other things, find my signature style. 
Here are some articles that I'm using as resources:

Define Your Signature Style: Create a signature look and avoid buyer’s remorse with this four-step plan.


Signature Style Analysis: Signature Style Continuum

Now, please. I'm not looking to delve into self-introspection and seriously analyzing deeply the meaning behind each detail of every item of clothing I have or will have. Man, I'm just trying to save time and money and effort on shopping, not shopping, and getting dressed! I no longer want to have extra clothes laying around I think are pretty but don't wear. Who doesn't want to be able to make wise choices?
Like check this out:
You could just avoid walking into (or typing in) the wrong stores or brands! Wow just learned that. Easy.

I just found this infographic so simple but eye-opening. I am always hearing from other girls: "I could spend all my money at Anthropologie, I love my Free People clothes". So, I thought I should check them out. Got a great deal on a really cool Anthropologie top. Wore it once. Once. Something about it just didn't make me really want to wear it despite liking to look at it. And after reading the style spectrum, I'm pretty sure I don't fall anywhere in the bohemian or romantic category. It's a nice idea, pretty on others, but I don't wear it. I've got unworn flowy, ruffley tops to prove it. Guess I should stop giving myself a hard time about not wearing them and just get rid of them.
Just gave away these ones: Pretty, yes. Dark colors, yes. Ruffles, yes... but wrong for me. From now on. I'm saying no to ruffles. Too romantic. I thought I was romantic but I'm not. I'm unsentimental and have a heart of ice. MWaahaha. Just kidding


These descriptive words may help affirm your style category

For example, I am forever belting dresses. It's near compulsion. That would fit into the 'Structure' description which is more of a Modern/Dramatic/Traditional style.

Did you learn anything just now about what clothes you like to wear. Not buy, not look at, not admire. I admire Valentino runway dresses. Given a choice to wear one, I probably would. But wearing something inspired by said clothes, won't happen. There are other categories of style like Edgy, Preppy, Glam, but I'm finding them more obscure- hard to define.

Check back when I post part 3 of Out with the Old. Where I will show you the pieces I like but will bittersweetly part ways with. You'll be able to buy them from my Closet on Poshmark!

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