Thursday, December 10, 2015

Exhibit A: Video of Me and My Amazon Echo

Exhibit A:

The Amazon Echo, aka "Alexa"

We are a big Amazon household. Take all the items out of our house that have been delivered by Amazon and it would probably come crashing down. It's just so easy. Sometimes I wonder if Amazon is like the company that our future selves will travel back in time to warn us about. "It's going develop self-awareness and take over the world! Everyone who has Amazon in their house will be the first to go!" I watch too many movies. (if there is such a thing). So here I am showing off our Amazon Echo which can also be called "Alexa". A disputed issue in our house. Giving this 'smart' device a human name instead of calling it by it's real name. Neither do I like calling a phone by a human name just because it answers you in a feminine human sounding voice. I say "Okay Google.." to my phone, because that's what it is. And it doesn't have no sissy name or start with a lower case letter. 
You can research more about the Amazon Echo here. I'm not being reimbursed to promote it. I'm really just using it to begin adding video to my blog. It's a part of our house's everyday life. 

It does so many things!
 I'm not even sure what all it does because they are continually adding things. Here's a sample of me asking it a few things including what it does:

It compiles our grocery list. 

The first time our house has used a singular way to create and cross off our grocery shopping list. (I write things down, other people use online note apps. ) We use the 'Alexa app' on our phones which instantly shows us what we have added to the list from home on the Echo. 

It provides knee-slapping humor:

We play music with it.
Before/during/after family dinner or during parties, hanging out etc. Lots of music playing. We don't have a stereo or CD player per se. We've got an internet connected TV with youtube HAH! But this is a better option.

Ask it questions- See what happens.
You can see it doesn't always get it right. Which adds to how funny/ridiculous I find technology. We get a good laugh out of asking it random complicated things.

What would you like to ask Amazon?
Do you have an Echo? What is the funniest thing you've asked it?

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