Thursday, December 31, 2015

Easy Nail Art: Gradient Blue and Black

Easy Nail Art: 2 tone gradient nail
Teal/Blue and Black

Alternate title: What to do when your new polish is too translucent

That time when the nail polish in the bottle doesn't match the polish that comes out! I thought it was a nice navy blue. It's actually Teal. Doh.

 And of course, to top it off, the nail polish is totally sheer- requiring a billion coats :( wah-waah!

You had grandiose ideas about what Nail art you were going to try. Polka dots, sparkles, a french tip, etc etc. But the polish had it's own plans. 
This polish was translucent despite 3 coats!

I had grabbed black nail art polish bottle. It is a fast-drying little polish with a very thin brush. PS I think these are available at your local Dollar Tree. Or use a thin artist pain brush and wash it off with your inexpensive acetone.

And went with this. It's so easy to do even your weak/non-dominant hand can complete it nicely!

Do small, separated, short and long varying vertical lines brushing from almost the middle of the nail toward the end of the finger.
Then short lines filling in the gaps near the end of the fingernail. Ah-HAH Now the translucent polish at the end of the nail is no more.
And you get a nice, uneven, cool-looking gradient look.

Always use a heavy clear gloss top coat about 20-30 min later.

Even my Left hand can do this!! Woohoo because my left hand is good at nothing except sabotaging my Right hand's nails! Arg :( Take that Left hand! No this isn't a photo of my left hand's work but my nails look identical on the other hand. My Left hand didn't want to operate the camera grr. It just wanted to pose for the picture, of course.

I think this look would be cool with a dark red, purple, actual blue, maybe a shimmery gray :) You could do it with a silver or sparkle polish also if you chose a lighter base color.

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