Sunday, December 13, 2015

Candy Christmas Tree & Easy DIY Card display

Candy Themed Christmas Tree & My super easy DIY Christmas Card Display

Here's my tree this year: Theme is Candies. Idea from my daughter.
Yes I'm one of those that does a theme tree. I'm unsentimental and have no old ornaments or keepsakes. I used to buy ornaments when I'd go travel somewhere, and sometimes I do hide those in the mix of the tree. Maybe one day I'll make a game of finding the ornaments on the tree for my kids, but at their ages I'd be happy if they just left the tree alone. It's been reassembled a few times and it's weeks till Christmas. Even a partially chewed on fake candy ornament in there. Someone wanted to make sure...
They are mostly from Michael's 50% off Holiday decor sale right after Thanksgiving. There are puffy gingerbread girls and boys holding treats. Fun colored Christmas ornament balls. Pretend candy canes, real candy canes. Lollipop ornaments of all sizes. Candy colored mesh ribbon, and Merry Christmas ribbon. Some sparkley ornaments and big snowflakes left over from other years. Some of it may look a mess- going to throw my kids out there as the excuse. My daughter's dress got caught on the ribbon one day and as she pulled away it actually unraveled the tree in a spinning motion... UGH! She was almost 20 feet away and it was still attached to her when she decided to call for my help. I'm thankful it didn't end waaaay worse. Had to weave it back on haphazardly. Whatever- you can't tell right? I'm not having any Christmas parties. You are the only other people seeing it! ;)

 Some floral/wreath sprays sticking out on the top of the tree. Because we don't have an Angel or Star right now. I just haven't found one I like in several years of looking. All the new ornaments and ribbons were under $100.

I'm no professional decorator. I'm the opposite. Just trying to get things done quickly but still looking nicely. I added only 1 strand of old multi-color lights to our already white lights tree. End result? Fancy or a Sparkley Mess? Good enough. Done. Just stand back and squint. haha

Next for DIY decor, we have:

Super inexpensive! Depending on where you get your ribbon, or if you even already have ribbon and straight pins, then you could make this for FREE.
  • Straight pins
  • Long spool of wide ribbon
  • Christmas cards
  • Scissors to cut ribbon to length
That's it!!
Here we have our supplies. I was deciding between these ribbons I already had from last year or two. I went with the red sparkle one because, well, sparkles of course. And, yes, it matches my tree better. There's my can of Santa coke. Caffeine, helping me get things done!

These straight pins have been in our storage closet I don't know how long... But they were only 88¢ and I didn't even use them all. So, Finance Question: What's the cost of materials when you use just a handful of pins from a 1000 pack divided by 88¢ ? To small to count!!

Directions: This takes very little skill and no imagination or artistic eye. Hang the ribbon over your curtain rod, or over your mantle? Pin it to the wall? Tie a bow and hang it from a sticky hook if you're a renter. Or a fun idea would be to hang them from your top kitchen cabinet doors! I just folded mine over the curtain top and pinned it. 
Make it long or short or make multiples like I did.
Begin pinning the Christmas cards...with care. (Miracle of miracles I did not jab myself. This time.) Layer them or spread them out. 
As you can see, the pins are very small and hard to see. The ribbon is soft so the cards do not bend. I don't mind putting holes into the cards since I am quite un-sentimental and will probably not keep them long after the holidays are over. But if you are sentimental you could just be careful where on the card you pin it. (Or use clothes pins! I do not have those on hand, and I think they're more expensive than straight pins) This works perfectly for photo cards, but also could work for folded cards. You could merely pin the folded card closed or let it hang open. (PS I did not pin to the curtain also, the cards are only pinned to the ribbon)
Most of the Christmas cards featured children of friends and as a courtesy I kept their identities a Mystery! ;)

Here's 2 ribbons done. I only let them hang part way down. I have kids and wagging tails. Don't want any straight pins within reach. 

TA DAH! I made them various lengths. The curtains still open and close easily. I love the idea the the cards are next to our tree and gifts. We can remember that the people we love and who love us in our lives are the truly priceless gifts! You can not gift a friend or family member to someone. They share themselves (their time, energy and love) with you! And vice versa (if you are not dysfunctional haha). And there you can see the people you are thankful for. 
I think this is a lot of Christmas cards. Do you get more? How would you take this idea and make it work for you? I didn't spend any money! Woohoo!

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