Friday, November 6, 2015

Stitch Fix Review #10: ALL Accessories!

Stitch Fix Review #10: 

Awesome Stuff in a Small Package

This month, I requested my stylist to send an 'All Accessories' fix. My note said something like about a zip top tote or clutch, scarf, jewelry. That's it. Very vague. And being vague is my favorite way to get a great fix if I don't needing anything specific.

So my box arrived. 
FIRST time not peeking EVER, in 10 fixes!


I asked on a Stitch Fix user board if anyone had ever requested only accessories and no one said they did. I wasn't sure it was possible. Sounds like a fun idea though, right? I actually never have accessories checked in my SF Profile. I'd rather have just clothes and I don't switch out purses. Now you may be thinking, 'What!? It's Fall! There's so much fun Fall fashion to be had!'. But I am in a warm climate where the struggle is real. :( Sweaters= Sweaty. Jackets=Don't need 'em. Hoods= It's never rains! Vests= Don't even talk to me about this, it makes me sad. Fall is for the most part quite warm here. I didn't want clothes I couldn't wear yet. But I still wanted to get my Fix. (#firstworldproblems, I know)

The Answer: Accessories.
So my stylist totally did it! No clothes! Only accessories! How inexpensive! How Fun! How dangerous!

Anyway here's my review:

The 5 Item Details:

Look by M - Sammie Plaid Infinity Scarf (Mustard)

I'm not into mustard if it isn't on my hamburger. I tried the mustard scarf thing. It makes my skintone take on a greenish tone. Bleh. But there's something about this warm palette that is everything Fall and Cozy. Brown, Mustard that isn't overbearing, Orange, Grey, Olive, Off-white and a little bit of Black. It kind of is the colors of a hamburger...Done! Sold. 

Nakamol - Viento Quartz Stone Cuff (Dark Purple)


Ok. This is a super interesting piece!! Handmade by artisans in Thailand? Yes! Rose gold? Yes! Iridescent quartz? Yes! It's pricey but I find it so attractive! Am I weird? YES!

Romolo - Preston Carved Crescent Bib Necklace (Gold)


Looking at this necklace by itself, it doesn't seem like much but it's so much cooler on. Perfect for scoopneck or Vneck tops, even a mock or turtleneck sweater.


Street Level - Myla Leopard Suede Clutch (Black)

SO CUTE! And it's real suede and pony hair. It zips with a cool suede tassel, then folds over and snaps. There's a pretty gold chain for wearing it over your shoulder or crossbody style. Leopard is a Neutral- that means this clutch goes with Everything!


Moda Luxe - Brooks Crossbody Bag (Olive)


This really cool olive/avocado color. With zippers around the fold over part that really open to another compartment. Converts to a crossbody bag or satchel. The zippers on the bottom are purely decorative and open but to nothing.

How nice is this note too? I'm not a note lover. I'm pretty sure the first few fixes I barely glanced at it. "Just give me new stuff and take my money!" But this note is so personal and sweet. She references my Pinterest board. You can see it for yourself here.

AAAND! To top it off I got a little freebie. Some free Stitch Fix Swag.
This credit card holder. Cute! 

A+ for Jaime, my stylist!
And no, she's busy with my fixes.
Get your own stylist.
~Just kidding~


  1. Where DO you live? I love the idea of an all accessories fix!

    1. Hi Ninny! Thanks for reading my blog! I live in Southern California. Palm trees, sandy shorelines, brown grass, surfers. :)