Saturday, November 28, 2015

OOTD: Imperial Black Friday!

I love to wear black. I eat lint rollers for breakfast. 
Ok, no but I do buy them in bulk because I wear a lot of knits and dark colors -AND- I have a black dog that sheds white fur. I have no idea- don't ask.
So of course when it's Black Friday you get out your black gear and your game face. It's crazy out there, man!
I give you...

My Imperial Black Friday Outfit of the Day

This Forever21 faux leather sleeve sweater off Poshmark that came New With Tags for $12! (Follow me on Poshmark, I find share all the cool stuff I find.The Limited ideal stretch window pane pants off Zulily. The cute blue gem necklace was an clearance deal from PopBasic that was actually free because I had a sign-up credit. And if you couldn't tell from previous posts and this blog, I am a closet fan girl. All my fan gear is in the closet... get it? ahahaaa... ha... sigh.

I didn't venture out to any combat-zone Malls or go into fights over parking spots but I did brave Michael's for Christmas tree ornaments and Costco for a photo order pickup. But neither place was so bad. 

I've got a cool mom Vader shirt. My daughter says it's cool. She can even hum the Imperial march. I'm so proud.

My backpack's got jets
 Which Star Wars character are you?
This silly, leading questionnaire:

Which Classic “Star Wars” Character Are You?

  1. You got: Bobba Fett

You’re arguably the slickest, most mysterious, badass bounty hunter in the Star Wars galaxy. As the most feared bounty hunter to ever live, nothing will stop you from completing a mission, and keeping your standards high.

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