Sunday, November 22, 2015

Glamping Girl's Beauty Must Haves!

Must Have Beauty Items when Camping

or Glamping, Road Tripping, Roughing it in style, etc:

Maybe you enjoy getting outdoors. 
Maybe you like hiking and campfires. 
Maybe you're like me and you also like wearing makeup. 
You want to look and feel nice, even in the forest! But you don't want to be holding your hiking buddies up while you're blending your eyeshadow or perfecting your lip liner. No, no, no. You don't need that. But you might need to bring this stuff so you aren't feeling scraggly, dry, and tired looking.

No, I am not being paid to promote these items. I'm endorsing them out of kindness and sharing personal experience. Find what works for you.

 Moisturize! Moisturize! Anyone who has spent anytime in the wilderness understands the lack of abundant, fresh, clean water. And a sink. A sink with warm water. Or merely a travel sink with frigid water. 
So here we have from the Left:
Heavy Duty Lotion. Stuff that will stick to your skin and not be sticky or smelly in a good or bad way. (Animals and bugs like vanilla fruity scents too. That smells like food to them!)
Eye drops. My optometrist recommends the Rephresh brand. I get everything in my eyes. Where there's dirt, sand or particles of various sizes, it will find my eyes. Plus if you're in a dry environment anyway, your eyes will thank you.
Moisturizing Makeup Remover towelettes. Used these day and night, regardless of wearing makeup. Feels great if you've spent the nice sitting at a campfire with smoke blowing at you. Bleh.
Nail scrubby. Because when you're living in the dirt, you will have gross nails.
Hair ties. Camping is pony tail city. Forever putting your hair back because there is no one filming a L'Oreal commercial in the woods. Besides these, bobby pins and a brush, I brought NO plug-in hair tools. A wow for me. I wash, product, blow dry, round brush & curl nearly everyday at home.
Magnets. You're staring at this photo wondering what this clump of stuff is. Bobby Pins, my friends. And my eyelash curler (not a must have unless you're me & we were taking lots of family photos) and mini tweezers. All clinging to my magnets!! This is how you travel with bobby pins, people. :) Not in a pinterest idea TicTac case because you'll be at the end of your trip with 3 bobby pins left...maybe. Do it this way- you'll thank me later. You can pick up a Big pack of magnets at a craft store. Or off your fridge. Just make sure it's a big enough one to grab them all.
Cream face wash. For when you can get to a sink and actually wash up.
Nail File. because nails are always chipping and breaking especially in dry, dirty climates. No you aren't shaping all your nails all night around the campfire. Just for quick fixes so your one or two fingers aren't catching on every fabric in a 5 foot radius. Don't you hate that?
Dry Shampoo. Because you are likely not getting the luxury of showering everyday. I love this Not Your Mother's brand Clean Freak spray shampoo from Target. I've tried a cartfull of various brands.
Mini Tweezers. Yes for splinters, for hang nails, for suddenly realizing your eyebrows are looking more and more like the pine trees! And a good just-in-case First Aid item to keep around.

Looking lovely but not TOO made up, of course!

A minimal stash of beauty tools:
From the Left:
Your best Mascara: Not cheap mascara. Not almost gone mascara. Your favorite kind that only takes a few swipes, doesn't flake or easily run. This is Buxom mascara from Sephora {here}
Your best eyeliner: Not a must-have, unless you're me! I don't want the kind that needs a flame to soften. Not the kind that you need to use a separate applicator tool. Not waterproof unless you like to scrub your eyes. Goes on easy. Lasts all day. This is my favorite Stila Stay All Day liquid liner off Amazon {here} also beauty supply stores. I just don't leave home without it.
Lip Balm: All the lip balm. Bring it. Any kind. All the kinds! Soft Lips, Chapstick, Burts Bees, whatever. This is Strawberry Lip Balm tin from Sephora {here}. This one in particular is nice but I don't recommend the fruity scented stuff in bear country. This one isn't super smelly.
Cuticle Cream/Balm, Hand repair: This Burts Bees lemon cuticle balm saves my fingers. And my husband's too. It works overnight! And put it on at bedtime, the soft scent is kind of soothing aromatherapy. But, again, in bear country with tents... I wouldn't recommend. In an RV, A-ok.
Complexion Coverage: Easy foundation or face makeup. I use this Bare Minerals compact. Simple and quick to brush on and I don't look made up, just evened out.
Travel Mirror: Oh yeah. This fits in your backpack :) Something small.
Face Moisturizer: Yes. More with the moisture! It feels better to have a soft face than a dry, itchy face. Morning and Night. This is the Yes to Carrots or Tomatoes or some kind of Fruit Daily Moisturizer from Target. Goes on soft and smells light.

PS. This little basket is from The Container Store or the Dollar Store or Ikea. I forget, but it was cheap and makes my world feel a little more organized and I'm not living out of a ziplock baggie.

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