Monday, November 16, 2015

Campground Selfies! aka Week of Wilderness OOTD

A Barrage of Camping Selfies! 

aka: Wilderness Week OOTD 

Not chilling, but warming around the campfire.
Pretty pines.

Sun behind me, sun in front of me.  
Either way, it was winning.

In front of our campsite. Told you it was glamping. Go big or go back home.
Hiking. You need to stay hydrated and a thermos to keep your drink the proper temperature. A mimosa is best served chilled. AHAHA-HAA!

Flannel Selfies in the snow.

Hiking in the snow. It was more like trudging.

My 'Look! I'm in the North Pole!' selfie.

Attempting to properly capture the beautiful background scenery.

Just a leisurely, brisk, ninja bike ride selfie.
Vacay Mode: Begin.

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