Thursday, October 8, 2015

Stitch Fix Review: box #9 Oct 2015

My 9th Stitch Fix: Edgy Romance for Fall 2015 
(obligatory StitchFix explanation, the TLDR version: It's a $20 subscription box of clothes chosen by stylist after you fill out fashion preference profile. 5 items. If you keep it all, 25% discount. If you keep none, you merely forfeit the $20. Boom, done. 
PS. if you click this link and sign up to receive a box, they offer referral credits. So you could tell your friends, too! Win, Win.)

I was so happy with the fun items I got in my last box that I jumped online and ordered another. Bad news, Bank account. I love all this stuff too! 

Here's this super cool skirt! It's also super heavy and warm and LONG! It's a midi length pencil skirt. Not what I wanted to try on during this very warm, high 80s early Fall day. I want to keep it. I don't know how much use I'll get with our 2 cool days per year weather. I loved Stitch Fix's photo of it. I didn't know the model was 8 feet tall. I'm not that short! It's totally my style... plus extra 12 inches of it. Need time to think on it...and check the weather forecast. I could probably size down in this skirt. To the batphone to message Customer Service! (update: CS said 'Nope, doesn't come in Petite sizes, nor do they have next size down in current inventory'. Going to make it work! If I did it once for this photo, I can do it again.)

Stitch Fix's blog photo of this skirt that I pinned to my Stitch Fix board.
And now, that awkward moment when you look at what's coming and it's an item you wanted for so long that you went online and found it yourself, didn't like something about it and subsequently re-sold it. BUT!!! This one is a different color! And fits better. I am imagining pairing this top with my black faux leather panel Liverpool ponte pants for a cool, edgy, effortless look! Definitely "Edgy/Romantic"! Thumbs up to my stylist.
PS: It's semi-sheer. I'm wearing a simple black scoop neck tank underneath.

Papermoon Cherri Lace Detail Sleeveless Blouse in "Dark Pink"

This easy, comfy, drapey cardigan that probably could go with everything! It's light gray/white interesting texture knit. Reminiscent of a terry towel or robe? Only in texture. If it were all white, it would look a lot more like a bath robe. The sleeves are slim, which I like because I'm not a fan of loosey-goosey sleeves. Also, it's kind of lightweight. A Plus! If I don't look very happy in the photo it's because I'm wearing 3 layers, long sleeves, pants, socks, boots in 86º. I didn't realize until I uploaded the photo that I managed to style it almost exactly like the style card. HAH. Yay me...?
 Colourworks Syriana Open Drape Cardigan

Here's this beautiful dress. The Skies Are Blue Marcella Dress in Burgundy. Embellished bead and rhinestone neckline trim and the back is the icing on the cake! And it's a sheath dress but I always take issue with any type of shapeless dresses and that's okay because I love adding belts to stuff. So I added a skinny black patent leather belt. Tiny thing, hard to see. This burgundy, plum wine color is my season favorite! I have never gone for it before but it's grown on me. One of the best things about this dress, (aside from rhinestones) is that you can wear normal undergarments with it! Thanks to the double straps across the V-back.

My 5th item is a very warm, soft, large scarf:
Shiraleah Lex Striped Scarf

 check back later when Southern California freezes over.


Yo, Yo, Yo! Check this out! I put it on in the morning while AC was still keeping the house cool. It's a cool celebrity street style looking scarf. So I modeled it with my sunglasses, of course.

...And I kept it all.
*cha-ching, cha-ching...cha-ching*
$ all gone

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  1. I received the Syriana Cardigan last year and sent it back. I've agonized over it ever since. I have looked EVERYWHERE to try to buy one, including begging Stitch Fix to send it to me again, but no such luck. :(