Friday, September 25, 2015

OOTD Too hot to handle

OOTD: Too hot to handle or Burgundy & Gray Day

It's 87º today... at 11:00am. Get Lost, Summer! Tryin' to do my Autumn outfit thing over here! Nope. Forecast says mid-low 80s for the next 2 weeks, well into October. :(  Trying to wear my new burgundy skinny jeans in this heat is not working out too well. Stay inside your homes, everyone. Too warm. And I say this as a spoiled, thin-blooded Southern Californian. Over 75º and we whine 'Ugggh, too hot!', under 70º and we whine 'Waah, too cooold!'. I only got a few Outfit Of The Day selfies in before I was sweatin' to the oldies and ran inside to the wondrous 20th century accomplishment that is Air Conditioning! I'll be sporting my burgundy skinny jeans inside with my vacuum and laundry basket as accessories.

Here is my outfit breakdown, aka Get your own!

 This cute Target Mossimo 2011 collection gray abstract pattern tank top from ThredUp (good luck finding another). My burgundy Just Black Dean skinny ankle jeans from Stitch Fix. Locket necklace and earrings from Stella & Dot. My cognac faux leather Chelsea flats from Payless (get your own)! Watch by Fossil, and various bracelets from different places including this lovely lady who makes them herself (get your own)

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