Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Stitch Fix #8 Review: New Fall stuff!

My Stitch Fix for September 2015

I requested a 'Dark colored, Edgy, Romantic, Fall' box. My stylist whom I've had style my boxes 3 times now, totally delivered! She mentioned vests on my pinterest board (see my pinterest board here), she found plaid and floral and colored jeans like I wrote that I was excited about. I don't typically request specific items or name brands. Often my notes are just mentioning trends ie lace, embroidery, cutouts or something. Or I mention I need jeans, or cardigans. That kind of note. A few times I've just said 'Surprise Me!' and ended up liking a few things.  

Item 1: En Creme Noa Plaid Dress ($48)

This 'dress' needed a belt to save it's life. I felt it was more like a tunic? Just a bit short and thing for my liking, to wear as a dress anyway. The sleeves unrolled but they had to shape that way. It had a hi-low hem. Buttoned half way. One breast pocket. I wasn't a fan of how it was tight across the chest for me. The top button pulled, which is totally normal for button down tops I try on. I paired it with the jeans sent in this same Fix. They did happen to match. But mostly I'm wearing them because I didn't want to take them off!!

PS wearing my Payless Chelsea flats. (Get your own here
And the belt is many, many years old! (Get your own here

How would you style this dress?

Item 2: Brixon Ivy Jarred Lace Detail Cap Sleeve Blouse ($68)

I stared at this top forever online and on pinterest. I comes in other colors, pink and cobalt blue. What I didn't know is how thick and crepe-like the material was. And I'm about to sound picky right now. I really wished it were a thinner, softer material. It's a bit scratchy and wrinkles easily. 2 strikes out for a pricey top :( Plus it looks a little too fancy for my casual life. I may be kicking myself for not keeping it down the road.
PS. pardon my hand and hair covering the best part of the blouse! Sorry.
Do you forgive items because they just look too beautiful to pass up?

Item #3: Collective Concepts Junson Crew Neck  Blouse ($68)

So this top. I don't know. Tiny ditsy flowers? I'm not into tiny flowers. Sounding picky again, I know. I requested florals with my own hands typing into the stylist note. This top is interesting. And it photographs well. But it had a loose, almost-too-big feeling. I love peplum. I just wish it were a little more fitted. And less busy. It did have a cute exposed zipper up the back. And it was soft rayon type material. Maybe I would have kept it for $20 cheaper...
Should I have been less whiney and kept it?

Item #4: Just Black Dean Skinny Jeans ($78)

So if you're a bit of a nerd like me, the name of the jeans might have sold you right away, hehehe! (outing myself here. I've seen all the episodes and outtakes there ever were)


I doubt I'd have picked this color jean out for myself. I think I had green or brown in mind when I wrote 'colored jean' in my note. But totally keeping them. Soft! Soft! Fit! Flattering! Don't fall down! Ankle Zippers! And plus, they're soft.
Stitch Fix calls them burgundy but it's redder or browner than that. Just Black says they're 'Wine'. I'll take it.

Item #5: Market & Spruce Jahana Cargo Vest ($78)


I was hoping for a vest like this 2 fixes ago but I received a moto jacket instead. That didn't work out due to fit and price. I love the way it can be styled different ways as seen on pinterest:

Which item is your favorite? What do you think of my stylist, Jaime's "edgy, romantic" picks?

Do you know what Stitch Fix is?
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