Tuesday, September 22, 2015

In the beginning

In the beginning I had all the time in the world. Or so it seemed. I spent time shopping, looking nice, seeing movies, going out, meeting up with friends, doing nothing, being selfish! Then I got married and spent a little less time doing some of those things, but doing other exciting things: Vacationing, trying new restaurants, finishing college, taking classes for fun, going out on the town. Later came kid #1 and *insert tire screeching halt sound effect*. And again later came kid #2, *insert crashing sound effect*. Now I'm a wife, and stay at home mom of two juggling the balance of life, work, housework, spiritual life, some sense of style, time for self, kids, kids, kids, holding onto sanity, marriage, and finding a minute to think. I'm discovering and liking subscription boxes and redefining my busy mom fashion so I don't loose myself in just 'being a mom'. In the beginning I spoiled myself. Now... thanks to my husband and family I'm still spoiled and this stage of life is anything but boring!
Can you relate to thinking back to before kids, job, husband? How do you keep from loosing yourself in your roles?
If you aren't there, what things do you think will change in your future compared to now?

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